Bearing Pack

Service Includes:

  • Inspect brake shoes, bearings and magnets

  • Clean and repack wheel bearings

  • Adjust brake linings as needed

  • Verify operation of brake magnets and break-away

  • Check tire pressure

Single Axle - $187

Double Axle - $375

Triple Axle - $561

(Prices exclude Parts)



Rubber Roof Preventative Maintenance

Service Incldues:

  • Clean roof with specially designed cleaning agents

  • Apply UV-Blocking treatment to protect rubber membrane

Manufacturers recommend rubber roofs receive maintenance on an annual basis

Price varies based on size of RV .



Water Heater

Service Includes

  • Check condition of Anode Rod

  • Check relief valve

  • Adjust burners and electrodes

  • Check thermocouple

  • Check module boards

  • Check complete operation

  • Check burner assembly, remove nests, bugs, webs, etc.




Service Includes

  • Check fluid levels and fill cells if necessary

  • Check converter / inverter voltage

  • Charge and load test batteries

The heartbeat of your RV

comes from your batteries.



Roof Service

Service Includes:

  • Clean and condition roof. 

  • Spot check sealant

  • Apply new sealant where necessary

  • Entry price includes one tube of sealant

Price varies based on size of RV and amount of sealant needed



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